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People Like Trivia: An Original Living Room Style Team-Based Competition

How it works:

We will have approximately 4-6 teams (ideally 5) and 5 rounds rounds of questions. Work with your teammates to get the most questions right. The winner of the competition will get a cool prize that will be able to be shared amongst the group.

The evening will consist of plenty wine and a little food spread to accompany, with the first hour of the night spent socializing and getting to know fellow attendees. Then we'll get teams seated in designated areas and set-up. Then we'll be begin the trivia game (which we'll have interactive questions on the projector!)

[This event is 21+]


VIDEO GAMES. GAMING. ESPORTS. & OTHER THINGS OF A GAMING NATURE. more or less. anything rleated to it


- Some light food and beverages will be supplied. But feel free to bring your own!

- Coming alone? No problem! Part of the fun is meeting new friends. We will put you on a team

- Top prize will be announced this weekend (June 8-9)

**The max number of entries available is 25 so be sure to sign up sooner than later!**

[Tickets are available here!]